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8 Key Autumn Fashion Trends You Need This Season

new look blue denim boilersuit

Autumn is most definitely on it’s way, and I certainly have a soft spot for the fashion trends that emerge in the chillier months. Cozy jumpers, orange leaves, Starbucks drinks and gorge candles, what’s not to like about Autumn?! 

Anyway, getting off the topic of why I love Autumn, today I am going to be sharing some Autumn fashion trends that are starting to pop up in stores and on the runway that you should definitely keep an eye on for the upcoming months. I’ll also be sharing my favourites/wishlist for each category from the high street stores. There is such a large variety of trends this year! Whether you’re a minimalist or a colour fanatic, there really is something for everyone this AW19! Remember to follow me on Instagram for more stylish looks!

Autumn Fashion Essentials for AW19

Dark Floral Vibes

Florals are the print that will never go out of style, they just change with the seasons! Dark floral prints are already everywhere, and they’re certainly here to stay as a big part of autumn fashion. A few of my favourites that I currently own are this midi skirt from Motel Rocks and this midi dress from Dorothy Perkins (midi obsessed? I know..). Many of the high end labels are sporting a muted base colour and a brighter splash of colour for the pattern, so opt for these this season if the floral trend is your thang. 

My Wishlist:


motel rocks dark floral midi skirt

Puffy Sleeves

A trend that has been around alllll summer, and is transitioning with us into the colder months. From sweaters to party wear, this romantic style is one you definitely need to know about. Arguably some of the most gorge high street puff sleeve pieces from this summer are in the Lorna Luxe x In The Style collection (the actual Instagram queen). Several of these pieces will see you through AW19 for sure. 

My Wishlist:

The Neutral Palette

If you like a capsule wardrobe, you’re in for a treat! The neutral looks are in full swing for the season ahead. I find my colour palette tends to naturally lean to the more neutral end of the spectrum as we head into Autumn and Winter. Neutrals are so easy to pair together, yet look super chic when styled correctly! A cosy knit with cargo trousers or jeans and a good ol pair of chunky boots is a sure fire way to nail a cosy but trendy look. Who said fashion wasn’t comfy?!

My Wishlist:

Chunky Gold Jewellery

The gold neck chains have been around all Spring/Summer giving that grunge-esque vibe, but the jewellery only gets chunkier as we enter the new season. Chunky gold earrings, necklaces and bracelets are going to be an essential for accessorizing your autumn fashion!

My Wishlist:

Snakeskin Footwear

Snakeskin seems to slither it’s way into all our new season fashion (yup, pun intended) and this Autumn will be no different. It’s probably my favourite of all the animal prints, and this season the snakeskin footwear is taking over! From combat boots to heels and trainers, you will be seeing a fair bit of this around!

My Wishlist:

new look red snake print heeled boots

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Boiler Suits

The boilersuit is the embodiment of a ghostbuster or street workman, you decide what you prefer! But eitherway, the humble boilersuit deserves a space in your wardrobe and is sure to be an autumn fashion staple. They’re a great way to spice up your style as an alternative to just jeans and a jumper at this time of year.

My Wishlist:

new look blue denim boilersuit

And It’s All Yellow

Colour fans, this one is for you! Autumn fashion this season has a few regular colours, and yellow is one of them! The shades are ranging from a mustard yellow to pastel shades, I think it’s a colour that can suit everyone if styled right!

My Wishlist:

Suiting Up In Cord

Cord suits are comin’ and they’re comin’ in fast. I’m always here for being suited and booted, there’s just something so classy and chic about a matching set! It’s such a versatile outfit too, a suit can take you from weekend to work. Now we’re throwing cord, one of my favourite materials, into the mix, what a dream. I will definitely be getting my hands on a few cord pieces as we head into autumn.

My Wishlist:

So there we have it, eight of the biggest trends coming in for autumn! What do you think of these trends? Have you bought into any of these/other trends yet? Let me know in the comments! Have a great week!

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