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A Day In My Life At University With Müller

mullerlight gin and tonic yoghurts

(Ad – paid partnership with Müller)

Hello hello! I hope everyone is having a fab day/week! Today I’m bringing you an exciting post in collaboration with Müller! They have released the brand new Gin & Tonic flavoured yogurts (yum right?!). Now I’m back at university in my third and final year (slightly terrified), I’ll be sharing my daily routine with you! This tends to change week by week, but this will be a rough idea of what I get up to in a day full of lectures, studying, and anything else I can fit in!

mullerlight gin and tonic yoghurts

A day in my uni life with Müller

The Morning

If I have a 9am lecture, I will tend to wake up around 6.30/7.00am. I have always been an early riser, so this isn’t too much of a struggle for me! Although as we draw closer to winter time, it gets harder and harder to leave the cosiness of my bed in the mornings. I tend to then have a shower and get ready for the day, although honestly with a long day of lectures I tend to go super comfy on outfits and minimal on makeup!

If I have a 9am, this tends to last for an hour or two, and often this is followed by either a few hours work in the library/a study space or a meeting with my supervisor for my dissertation which is now underway. Third year is a lot of work and so overwhelming! It’s difficult to find down time.

The Afternoon

By the time lunch rolls around, I’m starving! Depending on lectures, sometimes I won’t eat lunch until around 2pm! As of late I’ve been taking food into uni with me to avoid me either buying food, or having to head all the way home off campus for lunch. My absolute favourite snack for lunctime recently have been the new Müllerlight G&T yogurts. They are super tasty, high in protein and fat free! It’s such an amazing snack to have at lunch to keep me full, yet staying healthy!


mullerlight gin and tonic yoghurts

Third year features a lot more seminars, and these tend to be afternoon sessions for me, usually from around 2-4pm. We have to prep two public speaking presentations this year, which is super terrifying to me! It’s definitely one of the things I absolutely hate doing. This tends to be my last university lecture of the day, very occassionally I’ll have an extra 4-5pm.

The Evening

By this time I’m usually shattered! Honestly the first thing I do when I get in from uni is pop my pjs on, take any makeup off and just chill for half hour or so with a cuppa! My days have been long recently, and rest time is necessary to not over work myself! My boyfriend is the chef in our household, and he’s usually home from uni around 6pm, when he’ll start to cook dinner (yep I am absolutely useless in the kitchen). My go to dessert has been the Müllerlight G&T yogurts. They’re a great healthy alternative for someone like me who has a sweet tooth!

After dinner I’ll usually spend a bit of time doing either uni or blog work, and spending some time with my boyfriend in front of the telly before we go to bed. Occassionally we’ll pop out for drinks and catch ups with friends when we have time/aren’t so tired we’re drifting off at 8.30pm. Then we usually head to bed at around 10pm! So that’s it, a rough idea of my daily routine from start to finish. Do you have a daily routine? Share it with me below!


mullerlight gin and tonic yoghurts

This post is sponsored by Müller.




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