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6 Places You Must Visit In Antalya, Turkey


This summer I visited the region of Antalya in Turkey for the first time, and I was astounded at how beautiful it is! I wanted to give any budding travellers some suggestions of things to do in this gorgeous region! We’re approaching the end of the summer, but there’s still time for a big summer holiday with Clickstay! They have some gorgeous Villas in Turkey to rent for the end of summertime (I wish I could go back, what’s going on with the British weather!)

1. The beaches of Antalya

Arguably the most gorgeous reason to visit, the beaches are stunning! The weather combined with the sheer amount of beaches in the area make this a no brainer day out! A few popular ones in the Antalya area are Konyaalti beach, Mermerli beach and Kaputas beach.

6 places you must visit in Antalya, Turkey

2. The ruins of Side

The ruins of Side are a beautiful visit, we stopped by here on a day trip out on a boat. One of the most famous is the Apollo temple, which is right at the end of Side’s peninsula. There is an impressive amount of the temple’s ruins still standing, so it’s worth perhaps going on a guided tour if you’re into your history!

6 places you must visit in Antalya, Turkey

3. The local markets

We visited several different local markets whilst out in Antalya, the sights and smells were incredible! There’s so much to see, and if you like a bit of shopping, there are plenty of replica designer items! TIP: Don’t buy from the first stall you see! There are definitely some good fakes and bad fakes, and don’t be afraid to barter a better price!

6 places you must visit in Antalya, Turkey

4. The stunning waterfalls

There are so many gorgeous waterfalls around the Antalya area, whilst we were there we visited Manavgat falls, which were beautiful. Another popular visit are the Duden waterfalls, which spills off the Antalya city cliffs and into the sea, it is a stunning site! 


6 places you must visit in Antalya, Turkey

5. Hadrian’s Gate

We didn’t have time to visit this amidst other travels and relaxing by the pool, but it’s definitely a must see if you’ve got the time! This Roman structure is definitely for those in love with their history and architecture, and is definitely a highlight of the country’s Archaeology.

6 places you must visit in Antalya, Turkey

6. Pamukkale

This was a little too far from our accommodation to visit whilst in Antalya, but my partner has been and said it’s a must see! It means ‘cotton castle’ in English, and you can see why from the photos! It’s known for it’s mineral rich waters that flow down these terraces, and is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations!

6 places you must visit in Antalya, Turkey

So here’s my list of some amazing places to visit in Antalya, Turkey! Have you ever been to Turkey or any of these places? Let me know down below!

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