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Self care ideas for the winter blues featuring Zenflore

winter self care with zenflore vitamins

This post is sponsored by Zenflore.

Welcome February, glad to see the back of you January! Everyone feels the brunt of Christmas during the first few months of the year. Our banks look a little sad, we’ve gained a few pounds and the weather is just plain miserable! Self care can be crucial during these months, sometimes you just need something to pick you up during this time. So here are my favourite self care ideas for these cold and dull months!

Self care ideas for the dull cold months

Zenflore: The natural supplement for your body and mind

I recently discovered Zenflore on Instagram, and they are kindly working with me on this blog post. Zenflore is a combination of the 1714-Serenitas live culture with specially selected vitamins to offer you full support for both your mind and body during busy times in your life. I’ve been taking Zenflore to help with stress associated with exams and university. The effects can be different for everyone, but I’ve felt a real difference in my sleep, something I have always struggled with.

My sleep has felt a lot more peaceful and less disturbed, and we all know how crucial sleep is, especially during demanding times. I’ve also felt a lot more energised when I wake up, and not wanting to turn off my alarm and go back to sleep. My fatigue levels have definitely decreased, especially during mid to late afternoon, which is when I usually start to get a little tired and worn out.

winter self care with zenflore vitamins

The fact this supplement is natural makes it a lot better, I’m usually quite wary of taking extra supplements and tablets as I’m unsure what they contain. However, Zenflore just contains the necessary vitamins for optimal mental function and reduced tiredness, easy peasy! I would definitely recommend these little beauties to anyone suffering from fatigue, concentration issues or sleep problems. They have worked a treat for me, and a great start to my list of self care ideas!

A pamper day

This may not be everybody’s cup of tea, so if this isn’t your thang just have a day dedicated to you! If you can’t afford a full on pamper day at a fancy spa, have a DIY home self love day! Mine usually includes:

  • Face mask
  • Body and face scrub with a hot shower/bath
  • Deep hair conditioning
  • Lots of comfiness – slobby clothes, comfy blankets and lots of time in bed
  • Lots of tea and yummy snacks

I always feel so much better and more revived when I’be had a ‘me’ day! Sometimes all you need is a little time to yourself.


I know this is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re wrapped up in a duvet cocoon and its dull and gloomy outside, but stick with me! For me exercise has been a brilliant way to manage my anxiety and stress, and of course look after my physical health too. It can be a great way to destress, take care of yourself and feel good.

Check in with yourself regularly

Your mental health is just as important as your physical wellbeing, so remember not to ignore it. Check in with yourself at least once a week and just evaluate what’s making you happy, mad, sad etc. Whether this be events or people, take time away from your stressors to reset and take care of yourself.

Keeping a diary can be a good way of doing this, or even just talk to a friend if you’re stressed or jot it down in your phone notes. This can be a real weight off your shoulders when you acknowledge what is stressing you out and why.

So these are my favourite ways to look after myself during the dull and dreary months. How do you look after yourself in Winter? Let me know down below!

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