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The Best Bristol Cafes To Visit In The City

best bristol cafes

Well hello gorgeous people, I hope this week is treating you well, whatever day you’re reading this! Today is the first proper travel related post I’m writing for the blog, and I am so excited! I figured to start I would shed a little light on my favourite places, coffee houses!

As a university student, I spend a lot of time studying. I get bored very easily of my study location, so I like to mix it up and occasionally ditch the library for a cafe. I’ve discovered a fair few hidden gems in Bristol, so here they are!

The Best Bristol Cafes

1. Chance & Counters

A quirky twist on your classic cafe, Chance and Counters is a dedicated board game cafe. With over 850 tabletop games to choose from, you could spend hours in here! On top of this, the food is amazing! There are plenty of vegan and gluten free options, and it all tastes as good as it looks, trust me! It’s tucked away at the bottom of the Christmas Steps, a cute location close to the centre, but far enough away for a little peace and quiet. You definitely need to book ahead for this place for sure, it’s small and can fill up fairly quick!

Photo from the Chance and Counters website

2. You and Meow

If you’re a cat lover, then this is the place for you! You and meow is Bristol’s first cat cafe, and all it’s residents are rescues. It’s so heart warming to see that all these kitties have a gorgeous forever home and future filled with cuddles from the adoring visitors. To enter, you pay £5 which covers the cost of the cat’s care, bills etc. I would definitely recommend booking for here too, as they will only allow a certain amount of people in at a time! You can also book events such as parties and afternoon teas.

Photo from the You and meow website

3. Dom’s Coffee House

This has become a number one study spot for me as I practically lived round the corner from it last year. It’s such a cosy and cute little cafe, set over two floors with plenty of seating. It’s a great environment for work, study or just a quick cuppa! If you visit Dom’s, you have to have the waffles, they’re my favourite!

4. The Playground

This is definitely one of those cute and quirky locations hidden down the side streets of the bustle and hustle of Bristol. The Playground is a coffee house and bar tucked away at 45 St Nicholas Street. They also provide board games, and it’s generally a really great spot for socialising. Now the main reason everyone goes to the playground (well, I do) is they have swing seats! At the front of the cafe, you can swing whilst enjoying a coffee and watch the world go by. It really is relaxing (and fun!).

5. Mrs Potts Chocolate House

For all the chocoholics out there, this one’s for you! Mrs Potts is located at the bottom of the busy busy Park Street, and is one of the best little places out there. They offer a ton of chocolate inspired hot drinks and milkshakes, as well as the most delicious and indulgent dessert selection. They also have a wide variety of vegan options, so there’s something for everyone! The highlight of Mrs Potts’ for me is the pots of melted chocolate with a variety of things top dip. You can get yourself a pot of melted dark, milk or white chocolate and have as mini fondue, and then dip a variety of fruit, marshmallows and biscuits in this melted pot of joy. It truly is indulgent but delicious.

So there we have my top 5 cafe choices in Bristol. I’m sure there are still locations I am yet to explore, but these are my current faves! if there are any other Bristol destinations, suggestions or top picks you’d like to know about, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or pop me a DM on Instagram, I reply to everything!

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top bristol cafes to visit



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