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When Competition Controls Creativity: The Instagram Problem

Before I get into this post, one of my girls has started an awesome fashion blog! If you want the best tips for styling your winter wardrobe, read her post HERE!

Oh Instagram, the love/hate relationship that I just can’t seem to ditch. Sometimes this platform can be a wonderful outlet to express your creativity, and then other times it becomes a toxic app full of comparison, fraud and insufferable competition.

The blogger/influencer community is a rather over saturated one. We are all in this never ending race to please, perform and engage. So with over 360 million blogs out there in cyber space, it’s no wonder we feel the pressure to create in order to rank top of the ‘influencer leader board’.

When the blogging community becomes a game of numbers

It’s no secret that the money is in the numbers on Instagram. Hands up if you’ve been rejected for collaborations because you don’t have that swanky 10k swipe up feature? I know I have. Trying to grow on Instagram is like continuing to fight a losing battle. There’s bots, that god awful follow/unfollow tactic, and the biggest offender? Buying followers. We could all probably name a couple of account that seemed to ‘magically’ gain 10k+ followers overnight, I know I could list more than I would like to.

You can’t be an overnight success

Many creators become impatient and frustrated with their lack of growth on Instagram, I know I have. But some will then resort to buying followers, likes and engagement as a simple numbers boost. This will just hurt you in the long run. Generally you can tell when someone has a s**t ton of ghost followers or has bought engagement, it all just looks fake and not genuine. Waiting out real success is so much more rewarding. Knowing all your hard work and creative efforts have lead you to this point is a great feeling!

Why so much secrecy?

My biggest pet peeve on this app, and in the blogging community as a whole, is how secretive and competitive certain members of the industry have become. Suddenly, passing a few follower milestones on Instagram causes some people to adopt this celebrity mindset. Sit down babe, you’re not quite Beyoncé. This constant need to be on top, be noticed and have the best of everything has caused a lot of bloggers to lose sight of what it’s all about; being creative and sharing your passion with others. You didn’t really start a blog to become famous, did you?

We were all at 1,000 followers once. So why not give out a little advice on ways to grow a little? A fellow blogger wants to know where your dress is from because she loves it so much, why not tell her?

In my eyes, there’s only one reason people don’t share the information that they feel contributed to their online success, and that’s competition. This desire to be the one to look up to for fashion inspiration, blogging advice or the latest makeup releases. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high and wanting to improve your blog/business, as long as you play fair.

Foul play in the influencer industry

When the big bucks get involved, that’s some feel inclined to cheat the system and buy their way to the top. Thankfully, many brands are now cracking down on these fake creators and retracting their opportunities, giving them to more genuine and deserving influencers. I can’t help but feel irritated to see some fake influencers being flown around the world just because they could splash the cash to grow their following. I can only hope more brands wise up over time, and bring the blogging community back to a family of passionate, transparent and sincere people with a love for what they do, not numbers focused and competitive individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for bloggers and creators monetising their hard work, but this competitive streak to nab all the brand deals shouldn’t override the creative side of Instagram. To me, that’s the most important thing! Being creative, real and just letting your personality shine. There are still so many incredible bloggers and creators out there sharing their tips, tricks and success stories with the rest of us. And to those fantastic people, thank you!

Ok, rant over (oops) What do you think about competition on Instagram? Let me know down below!




  • Victoria

    Omg! Excellent post and you hit the nail on the head. As a new blogger..i’ve been feeling the pressure quite a bit. You have just reminded that I should never lose sight of why I decided to create blog! If you reate good content that you are genuinly passionate about the rest will follow organically…xx

    • sliceofchic

      Thanks so much for your feedback, and you’re totally right! Your blog is your creative space, and nobody can take that from you!

      Yasmin xx

  • Megan Elizabeth

    I absolutely love this post! Completely relate to everything. I’m not a fan of Instagram and only really have it because of my blog. Sometimes it can be great but there’s this really toxic side to it which puts me off. Like you said, there’s more secrets and competitiveness on Instagram. I find Twitter so much better for some reason x

    Megan |

    • sliceofchic

      I agree, Twitter is a much more open and friendly internet space! I do enjoy Instagram, but hate the toxic competitiveness thats appeared!

      yasmin xx

  • Jessica

    I’m so demotivated by Instagram right now! It feels like 90% of the people I come across have fake followers and it feels so frustrating

    • sliceofchic

      I get you Jessica! Just be consistent, honest and post what makes YOU happy!

      Yasmin xxx

  • ashleigh davis

    Literally agree with all of the above!!

    Also may I just add you look beautiful in your photos!

    Ashleigh x

    • sliceofchic

      Hi Ashleigh, Oh thanks so much for your feedback and kind words! Have a wonderful week xxx

  • Luke Heywood

    This is so true!
    I’ve always said regardless of how many followers I have I’d always be me.
    At the end of the day those followers want to see me create and I will always be loyal to them.
    It’s so sad like you say when most followers come to think of themselves as a “celebrity”
    It’s a shame.

    I adore your photography also on this ♥

    Luke x

    • sliceofchic

      Hey Luke, You’re SO right! You should always produce content that you love, and not to please others! x

  • Stephanie Eiler

    Great post girl! Yes, slow and steady definitely wins the race. Instagram can be frustrating sometimes, but I try to focus on my blog and other ways of getting my brand out there when it comes this way! Great advice! Keep doing your thang!

    • sliceofchic

      Yes girl, just keep going and creating what you love, what will be will be with Instagram! It’s a waiting game that’s for sure. xx

  • Lindsay

    Instagram is my least favorite platform. I just find it the most difficult to gain ground on. I’ve only been seriously at this blogging thing for a few months but can see growth on all other fronts aside fromy instagram. It is frustrating for sure.

    • sliceofchic

      I agree, It can be super difficult! Instagram is a tough nut to crack, but just keep doing and creating what brings you happiness xx

  • Milette

    This is so true 😂

    • sliceofchic

      Right?! It’s such a shame it’s come to this but unfortunately it’s now such a competitive app!

  • bethan shuff

    Yas this post is amazing and so bloody true! Being an influencer sometimes feels like one huge battle, but creating content is so important to me!

    • sliceofchic

      Ahh thanks so much Beth!! Its something that always been important to me, I love being creative!!

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