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Powerful Blogging Goals for 2019: From Hobby To Side Income

As 2018 comes to a close, I’m starting to plan and write content for the upcoming year! This year has been big for my blog, but I intend to make 2019 even better. Today I thought I’d share my blogging goals and changes I will make to turn my blog into more of a money maker, drive more traffic, and generally keep on top of it!

Blogging goals for 2019

Get a new blog theme

I’ve had my eye on a new theme for several months now, and I figured heading into a new year is the perfect time to buy it!

The theme is from the lovely Pipdig, and I hope to have it bought and set up by the start of January!

To me, being able to use such a wide variety of themes is one of the many benefits of being self hosted. If you are serious about your blog, I couldn’t recommend being self hosted more! I use Siteground, and I really couldn’t recommend them enough! If you want to go self hosted, you can do so HERE. Pipdig also offer hosting, which is just as brilliant!

Add a travel section to my blog

I’ve been wanting to start writing about travel properly for so long! I’ve written a few basic travel posts in the past, but nothing about actual trips I’ve been on. I’ve got a real bug for adventure and travelling, and I have some pretty exciting trips lined up for next year including Sri Lanka and Italy, and I would absolutely love to document them!

I hope travel posts are something you would be interested in, and you will follow me on my travels!

Learn how to use affiliate marketing

This year I plan to properly learn how to monetise my blog and social platforms effectively! I have been consistently earning a small amount from my blog for a few months now, and I am pleased with how it’s going. However, I know I still have a lot more work to do! I’ve taken several courses recently about monetising my platforms, and I hope to implement the strategies I’m learning in the New Year!

Get back to a schedule

For a while I was really good at posting a specific amount of posts a week on certain days. But as it tends to, life got in the way. The university workload got on top of me and I obviously had to prioritise that! So I’m making it a goal to post at least twice a week, and I’ll decide which days in the new year!

Batch write posts

I have a horrible habit of starting blog posts, leaving them in my drafts and never touching them again! I’m going to aim to write at least two posts at a time when I sit down to begin writing. I think this will make me a lot more productive, and get blog posts written a lot quicker!

Invest in Photoshop and Lightroom

This is something I have been wanting to do all year. I have begun to invest in a photographer to take my outfit shots, and learn how to use a DSLR more effectively. I know this will be a brilliant investment for my blog and instagram, and I plan to make this switch in the new year!

Find my blog ‘branding’

I know this probably sounds likes a strange one, but I want to make my blog and social media platforms more consistent. I mean this in the way of colours, fonts, getting an actual logo, tagline, and photography. I want to pull all this together so all my platforms can be linked back to me and my ‘brand’!

Pitch to more brands

I’ve been quite hesitant when it comes to pitching to brands for collaborations, which is why I invested in a blogging course all about the art of pitching and snatching up those collabs. I’m hoping this course will give me the confidence to approach the brands I want to work with so desperately, and teach me how to pitch professionally.

Restart my youtube

I don’t plan on doing this until I move into my new 2 bedroom flat with my boyfriend in July, but I will do it this year! Currently myself and my boyfriend are living in a studio, and it’s cosy to say the least. Once we move, I’ll have a giant area to our bedroom that I can dedicate to blog photos/youtube videos! Yay! This way, I can have leave an area set up, and not have to keep taking my light rigs up and down daily (it’s a pain!).


So those are my blogging goals for the coming year! What are your blogging goals for 2019? Let me known down below!

2019 is going to be a good one, I can feel it! Have a fab start to the year!

If there’s one thing you should take away from this post, make it that going self hosted is needed to start making real money blogging! Set up your Siteground site HERE, it’s easy!


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  • Marta

    Yay for YouTube! Also, where do you find these monetising / pitching courses you’ve mentioned in the post?

    • sliceofchic

      Hey Marta! If you DM me on Instagram @asliceofchic I’ll send you a few links! Will be writing some reviews soon on the ones I’ve taken too!

  • Morgie

    Yes kweeeeen! Can’t wait to see what happens with you and your blog this year!

    • sliceofchic

      Ahhh thanks so much babe! Can’t wait to see how it progresses!

  • Laura

    Great list. Mine is pretty similar to yours. Scheduling my blog is my main one at the moment.
    Good luck with yours!

    Laura |

    • sliceofchic

      Hey laura, thanks so much for your support! Lots of luck with yours too!

  • Maddie

    Just found your blog through Twitter! Sounds like really awesome goals, can’t wait to see how everything turns out this year 💕

    • sliceofchic

      Hi Maddie, thanks so much for your support! Can’t wait to see where it goes! x

  • Taiwo

    These are some excellent goals! My major blogging goal is to become self-hosted and hopefully monetise my blog. I hope you achieve them. Good luck xx

    Taiwo |

    • sliceofchic

      Ah thanks so much and best of luck with all your blogging goals!

  • Kate

    Such great and definitely achievable goals.

    I feel like although my blog is a year old now I’m still fairly new to the blogging game. I don’t use a professional camera to take my photos (you can probabably tell) but, I do own a camera and really want to invest in Photoshop too in order to improve my content moving forward.

    Kate |

    • sliceofchic

      Ah thanks Kate! Don’t let not having a camera stop you from being creative, you can still create wonderful images on a phone! I recommend Lightroom for Iphone for easy free editing!

  • Anu

    Good luck with all your goals girlie! I want to find my blog branding this year too – it’s something I’m working on really hard especially regarding photography. You should definitely get Lightroom and Photoshop! I’ve been using them for years and don’t know what I’d do without them😊 xx

    Anu | Based On blog

    • sliceofchic

      Ah thanks so much Anu! Yes im definitely looking to get photoshop and lightroom very soon, i feel like i need them both in my life!

  • MJ

    Some great goals you have here! I do wish you the best in sticking to them! Stay consistent and you’ll reach so far❤️❤️ Also you look stunning

    • sliceofchic

      Ah thanks so much my love, all the luck to you too for the upcoming year!! X

  • Chloe

    Wow you have so many incredible goals for your blog in 2019! I adore travel content as my blog is actually a travel blog so that will be great! Good luck with your goals, lovely! xx

    • sliceofchic

      Oh thats so great! Im excited to start covering some travel content, have a great year lovely!! X

  • What Corinne Did

    You’ve got some great goals here. Youtube is defo something I need to focus on in 2019. Same for pitching to brands. I don’t do it often enough!

    • sliceofchic

      Ah pitching to brands has been a scary one, but I’ve done it quite a lot already and secured some fantastic collabs! Best of luck Corrine!

  • Carly

    Good luck with your goals! x

    • sliceofchic

      Thanks so much Carly! You too!

  • Veronica Zaccagnini

    I have some goals like yours!
    Wish you an incredible year!

    Veronica ||

    • sliceofchic

      Ah thanks so much Veronica, have the best year too!

  • Ellie

    We have so many of the same goals 🙌🏼 I would love to get a pipdig theme too 💗 we can do this 💁🏼‍♀️ Xx

    • sliceofchic

      Ahh yes Ellie! Hope you have a wonderful year, can’t recommend Pipdig enough!

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