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The Best Fitting Shapewear with Shapermint

Happy new year my loves! So Christmas and new years is over, and we’ve all probably eaten more food than we can handle. However we all still have parties and events throughout the year, and it’s at times like these when you’re trying on that dress you bought for your celebration that you realise maybe you should have left that last mince pie (guilty as charged..). But not to worry, I’m going to share the best shapewear that will help you feel gorgeous in any outfit.  

The best shapewear for your party outfit

Until this year I had never tried shapewear before. So many times I try on dresses and tight fitting outfits and just feel awful in them. Sometimes that little bit of stomach fat can really impact your confidence! So I was invited to try some shapewear during this festive season with Shapermint, and I love what they stand for. They believe that every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident in their own body. 

Shapermint shapewear for party outfits

I tried the comfort leg waistline brief from Shapermint, and I will admit I was skeptical at first! My first impressions were that the material was very good quality and soft, which was a really good start! I was concerned it may be uncomfortable and scratchy, which would have been a complete no no! I was slightly concerned about how small the pants looked, I didn’t think they would even fit over one leg! However once I pulled them up, the material was a lot stretchier than it looked, and fitted perfectly!

The best shapewear for party outfits shapermint

Obviously they are tighter than usual underwear/trousers, so it took a little while to get used to! But I am super happy with how they look under my clothing, you can’t see them at all! The material is super thin so it doesn’t show even under the tightest dress or skirt. Even though they are tight, it’s still easy to breathe and I didn’t feel sweaty at all like I thought I would!

I am definitely going to be wearing these with any occasion outfit that I wear during the year!

Have you ever tried shapewear? Let me know down below in the comments!








This post was sponsored by Shapermint. 

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