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Inspiring Fitness Motivation with Pretty Little Thing

So as the New Year approaches, a lot of people will be setting goals, myself included! I recently started working with a personal trainer, which has been an immense help and I will probably write about it in the near future. But for now, let’s talk fitness motivation!

Fitness motivation with PLT Sportswear

I always feel like your gym gear can really impact your confidence and motivation in the gym. I always feel like I perform better when I’m wearing a bangin’ matching set. So today I’m going to be trying to motivate you to be a little more active in 2019 with the help of Pretty Little Thing! They kindly sent me some of their activewear to try out and share with you guys, along with some fitness motivation for the new year. I love all the pieces I received, I hope you do too! Stay tuned for later in the post where I’ll be sharing my top fitness tips and motivation!

Pink snake print set: Top & Leggings

I have been obsessed with snake print this season, so this set was a must have for me. The leggings fit like a glove and the top sits nicely too. I won’t lie the top isn’t the most supportive of materials, I don’t believe it’s meant to act as a sports bra. So if you like a bit more support whilst exercising, maybe pop a sports bra on underneath!

This is a pink snakeskin print sports set

This is a snake skin print pink sports set


Grey & pink set: Top & Leggings

Another cute set which offers slightly more support than the previous one. These leggings are quite long (but then again I am 5 ft 4…) but they are the perfect high waisted gym leggings! They’re also super sweat resistant, so you won’t feel too sweaty during a workout!

This is a grey and pink sports setThis is a grey and pink sports set


These leggings can also go with a similar sports top, with a caged back detailing. Personally I prefer the other sports top with these leggings, but this is a cute option too!

This is a grey and pink sports setThis is a grey and pink sports set










Classic sportswear: Black slogan leggings & vest top

This sports vest top is super comfy, and a great option if you aren’t completely comfortable in a cropped sports top in the gym! Again, this vest is sweat resistant and great material! The leggings again are fab quality and high waisted, they make me feel so secure too!

Black slogan pretty little thing sports leggings

The navy slogan leggings

Personally these are my favourite leggings of the lot, I absolutely love the ‘PLT Sport’ writing down the side of the leggings! These are super comfy too, and I love the waistband slogan detailing as well!Blue slogan leggings


Motivate yourself to get fit in 2019!

I know finding the motivation and will power to get fit is tough, it took me so long to start working out regularly and actually enjoying it! Most people feel a little sluggish after the indulgence that the Christmas period brings, and a lot of New Year’s resolutions are fitness related!

I’m going to try my best to motivate you to not just head to the gym twice then give up, and actually form a routine! I go to PureGym and I also have a Personal Trainer, who has been an immense help in my journey! So here are my tips and tricks to be your best self in 2019!

  • Plan workouts into your daily routine. Having time set aside to actually workout can make it seem like less of a task! Figure it if you have more time/energy in the morning, afternoon or evening and work out how many times a week you plan to go! 3 times a week is a good starting point which will also lead to results!
  • Find what you enjoy. Not everyone is a gym buff, many people find it a boring and tedious environment! Personally, I’ve learned to love the gym, but any form of exercise is good! Maybe you enjoy running, yoga, Zumba, or group sports! Try different types of exercise to find out what you actually like.
  • Focus on your health, not your size. This has been a big one for me! Focusing more on being healthy and exercising for my health not my shape has helped change my perspective a lot! Focus on how exercise and healthy eating benefits you. 
  • Turn everyday activities into exercise. Try turning things you do everyday into a form of exercise. Take the long route to work, walk instead of getting the bus, get off a stop early, or take the stairs instead of the elevator! Little things like this are a great way to boost your physical activity without taking anytime out of your day!

I hope you maybe feel inspired to set some attainable health and fitness goals for the new year, and maybe grab yourself some amazing new sportswear from PLT! Have a great new year, and a fab 2019!


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