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The Mia Prima Clarisonic Brush Review

I am an avid skincare lover, I’ve had a skincare routine ever since I started getting breakouts at age 11! Today I am going to be reviewing the Mia Prima Clarisonic brush, a facial cleansing brush designed to deeply cleanse and clean out your pores! I’m so excited to be reviewing this, it’s changed my routine completely!

The Mia Prima Clarisonic Brush Review

Until now, I have never used anything to cleanse my face other than my hands with the face wash on. I was really skeptical about face brushes as a cleansing technique! This brush along with the Kiehls ultra facial cleanser was sent to me to review, and I have been using them both for almost two weeks now! I like to give products a good go before writing a review.

My first impressions of this duo were very good. I simply put a pea sized amount of the product in the middle of the brush, wet my face and off I went! The brush vibrates when switched on, which is a really strange sensation! As you move the brush around in circular motions, the cleanser begins to foam up. The cleanser smells amazing too!

I love that the clarisonic brush times out after around a minute, which is great to help you cleanse your face for the right amount of time. So often I hear that people skip their skincare routines, or rush them, looking after your skin is so important! Now with this brush, there’s no confusion about your cleansing routine!

After using this clarisonic brush with the Kiehls cleanser for around two weeks, I can really say my skin feels a lot cleaner and smoother. I don’t believe it’s improved my acne at all, however they do seem to be less inflamed, which is great. There has definitely seen a reduction in the amount of blackheads I get. Perhaps with a different cleanser, this brush could be the solution to all my skin problems!

Final thoughts?

I will 100% continue using the clarisonic brush as part of my skincare routine, it definitely feels a lot more hygienic not using my hands too! You can buy brush heads for the device, to ensure your cleansing routine is kept as hygienic as possible!

With christmas coming up, this would make the perfect gift for the skin savvy person in your life!

Have you ever used a device to wash your face? How did you find it? Let me know!




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