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New Indie Beauty Discoveries with Showcase Beauty

I love finding new makeup brands, and I have recently been going for smaller, independent and cruelty free brands. So when the team at Showcase Beauty offered to send me a few indie beauty goodies, I was over the moon! Today I’m going to share the two products I was sent, I have been absolutely obsessed with them!

Showcase is the home of a huge variety of independent beauty brands. They partner with brands that have a conscience, and provide makeup, skincare, bodycare and fragrance for every need. I love what they stand for, which is another reason I am so happy to be testing out products that they support!

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New indie beauty discoveries 

Bagsy raspberry tinted lip cocoon / £7.00

The first thing I noticed about this product was how gorgeous the packaging was! I am a sucker for anything pink. I hadn’t heard of this brand until I began browsing the Showcase Beauty site, but I will definitely be looking into their range of products. The outer packaging is also made of paper/cardboard, which is nice to see, as most are usually plastic.

The product itself smells incredible, it has such a sweet and fruity scent. It’s basically a tinted lip balm, which is a great product for when you want a little lip colour, but not too heavy. This product applies so nicely, and feels so smooth on the lips. I found it also lasted pretty much all day, which can be a fairly hard quality to find in tinted lip balms.

As it’s also a balm, it keeps the lips super moisturised, which is definitely needed as we approach the winter months.

Memi eyeshadow palette in Millennial / £22.00

First off, the names of all the shades in this palette are class. As soon as I started reading them, I was laughing way too much. Sometimes a bit of humour within a product’s name makes me like it so much more.

This palette is filled to the brim with autumnal gorgeous colours. I’ve used this palette several times since I received it, and I still can’t get over how good the colours and pigment is! I wore it out the other night and it lasted all night long. Now that’s what you want from an eyeshadow.

I also found that the colours blended so easily together, it was so easy to blend from light to dark and make it appear a seamless look. I’m usually very picky when it comes to eyeshadows. There are so many that just either don’t last, don’t blend, or when applied the colour looks nothing like it does in the pan (sigh). So for this little beauty to impress me, it’s taken a lot! A definite 10/10 from me.

I hope after reading this post you may consider trying some of the smaller independent beauty brands that are available on Showcase. I really am impressed with how affordable all their products are, and the sheer variety!

Remember to use my code VOGUEMODE10 for $$$ off your purchases!

Have you tried any smaller indie beauty brands? What’s your favourite?

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