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How To Get Longer Lashes in 3 Easy Steps

how to get longer eyelashes with lash fx

“How can I get longer lashes without falsies or lash extensions?”

If you’re asking yourself this question, then you have found your ideal blog post, hooray! Today I am going to show you these two holy grail products, along with a few other tips and tricks, which will give you the long and luscious lashes you dream of.

The lovely team at Lash FX sent me a couple of products to test out. I have been using the build me up black mascara and the grow me up lash serum. These products have been part of my daily routine since I received them to enable me to give an honest and truthful review. Nothing is worse than a fake review, right?

how to get longer eyelashes with lash fx

The mascara

Let’s start with the build me up mascara. I have always had very blonde and thin lashes, which tends to make me look like a ghost without mascara on. Mascara is definitely in my makeup essentials. If there were only two products I could wear, it would be concealer and mascara!

The thing I love most about this product is it has two steps. The first step is for a more natural look. This wand adds length and not much volume, which is great for that ‘no makeup makeup’ look.

The second step is to add volume to your lashes. For anyone with thin and light coloured lashes like me, this is a life saver. It adds volume, but without the clumpy look that some mascara’s leave, perfect!

The lash serum

Now out of the two products I received, the mascara was definitely my favourite. Now I haven’t noticed any significant growth in my lashes for the time I have been using this, but I do have very pale lashes, so it would be hard to tell.

However, I have noticed that it works pretty well as a sort of eyelash primer. I have been applying it before after curling my lashes, and leaving it to dry for a little while. Then I apply my mascara, and it seems to help the product glide along my lashes easier.

I would definitely recommend these two products being used in combination, they’re pretty affordable too!

how to get longer eyelashes with lash fx

The crucial step to get longer lashes

Eyelash curlers! Yes, I am talking about that scary alien looking tool that a lot of people are too scared to use, but it’s an absolute game changer! Remember to always curl your eyelashes before mascara. I have always been told that curling them after mascara application can damage them. So that’s a definite no no from me!

Curling your lashes can make such a big difference, it gives your lashes that extra lift! I have been asked countless times whether I am wearing falsies since I have been following these 3 steps, pretty good right?

So there are my top tips for getting longer lashes. I hope you enjoyed it! Do you have any favourite lash products? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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  • Finlay Grace

    Loved how honest your review is! I live by eyelash curlers and rather than brushing on mascara I use the blink technique feel that helps to!

    Finlay grace xx

    • voguemode

      Ah I always try and be completely honest with my reviews! Ah yes I do that too! Or brush upwards but wiggle it at the same time!


  • leahsaffron

    I have always struggled with getting longer lashes with just mascara! I always use false lashes without fail so thank you for this post!

    Leah x |

    • voguemode

      Ah you’re welcome, glad you found it useful!

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