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The Top Fashion Bloggers You Need to Be Following on Instagram

Ah Instagram. It’s a bit like Marmite; you either love it or your hate it.

Or you’re like me and have a love hate relationship with it, but always come back to this strange algorithm. Recently I have discovered so many new fashion bloggers and content creators over on the gram.

These fashion bloggers will spice up your feed

There’s no hiding the fact that the majority of people you speak to will have an Instagram account, and it can be especially useful as a blogger. It’s a visual platform, making it especially good for displaying outfits and clothes. Here are my top picks for the fashion bloggers of today. You should definitely go show them some love!


Em is a blogger covering niches like style, fitness and travel. One of the things I love about Em (besides her kick ass Insta feed) is she is really down to earth and approachable. She’s relatable and funny, I always smile when a photo by her pops up in my feed! Plus, her blog has some really fab content, you should defo check that out too, which you can find here.

Her Instagram profile is so aesthetically pleasing. All her photos look great together as a feed, and I just love her editing style.

em sheldon fashion blogger


Maria is a fashion and beauty blogger whose been my blogging inspiration since the start of my blogging journey. I never miss a blog post from Maria, her writing really is amazing.

Her instagram feed is what dreams are made of. It’s cohesive, yet each photo is unique. I love Maria’s style too, her fashion sense is to die for (can I borrow your wardrobe Maria?).

mariajblogs fashion blogger


Olivia is a fashion blogger and instagrammer based in London. Her photos have that vintage-esque filter, yet are so colourful and unique. Her style is gorgeous. It’s got that vintage but up to style vibe, and I need her wardrobe!

@oliviabynature fashion blogger and instagrammer


Sheena is a model, travel and fashion instagram blog. She always looks ridiculously stylish, and each of her photos tells a story. I also love her instagram highlights which shows her travels around the globe.

@sheena.james_ instagram travel and fashion blog


Rebekah is a lifestyle and fashion blogger from London. What I love most about her instagram is how simple but elegant her outfits are. She rocks the neutral tones and cute accessories to always look stylish. She’s also such a lovely girl!


Victoria is a lifestyle, travel and beauty blogger based in the UK. I love her bright and bubbly feed, she uses the orange tones a lot which always brightens up my feed. Her feed is serious insta inspo, and I need her photography skills!


Ellie is a style and travel blogger with one of the best and most humorous personalities around. Each photo on her instagram expresses such emotion and fun, it always brings a smile to my face. Ellie is such a sweetie and so kind, so you should defo pop her a follow!


India is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a crazy good fashion sense. Her feed is all about her documenting her outfits and her theme is fab! She does a row of each outfit post, which makes her feed appear incredibly cohesive.

India is such a sweetheart and has helped me up my insta game several times, she’s definitely one to watch and follow!

@indiamoon_ fashion blogger

I hope you enjoyed this post and find some new insta feeds to brighten up your feed. Who are your favourite fashion bloggers and instagrammers? Let me know in the comments below!

Til next time,


PS, if you love style, beauty and real life chats, follow me on the gram!

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