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How I Faced My Fear Of Change and Gained My Independence

“Change: To make or become different”

Having a fear of change isn’t uncommon, and you certainly aren’t alone if you experience it. Sometimes the idea of doing something different from the norm is terrifying, but it can unlock so many new doors.

I’m going to tell you a little story today in partnership with Adexe on their new campaign, Your Time Is Now. This campaign is all about embracing the now and doing something that is new, or even scares you a little. This is my story of how I overcame the fear of change and became the most confident version of myself.

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How I faced my fear of change

When my A Level examinations finally rolled around in May 2017, uni was the only topic of discussion for everybody. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing with their lives except me.

For months beforehand, I was adamant I wasn’t going to uni. It seemed so scary! Moving away from home, living with strangers, having to make new friends and be completely independent. Sounds terrifying, right?

All of my friends decided on their course, which university they were going to and had written their personal statements. All I could think was ‘How do they know they’re making the right decision?’ 

how to face your fear of change

For my whole academic life I’ve been learning multiple subjects at a time, now I was being asked to narrow it down to just one, which would affect what career path I chose? It sounded like a decision I couldn’t possibly make.

I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. I felt stuck in a rut of so many potential career paths, how was I meant to choose? So I went to speak to my college personal tutor. This little meeting changed it all for me!

I finally made a decision

My tutor asked me why I didn’t want to go to uni, and my answer? I had a fear of change. She went on to assure me that it isn’t just me that felt this way, and every other student she had spoken to expressed similar concerns.

She inspired me to follow my gut instinct and go to university! So with little time to spare, I visited several universities, wrote my personal statement and after a long debate, chose to apply to study Psychology. I haven’t looked back since.

Attending university may not seem like something to get this worries about, but it really was for me! As someone who suffers from anxiety, this amplified my fear a lot. But here I am a year down the line, preparing to enter my second year and buzzing to get back to Bristol!

The Adexe watch

I was really excited to get involved with this Adexe campaign, facing your fear of change and taking that leap can be life changing. I’m so happy I have got to promote this with Adexe!

how to face your fear of change

They very kindly sent me a watch from their new collection for this collaboration, The Meek Grande Rosegold watch. I have been wearing this watch non stop since I received it. The style and colours go with everything and anything, versatility is really important for me with jewellery.

It’s high quality, feels really sturdy, and has the date on (I’m so forgetful, so this is a helpful feature for me!). I highly recommend you check out the new in watches by Adexe, they have released loads of new colours and styles, there really is something for everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Has there been a time when you have faced your fear of change? Let me know in the comments!

Til next time,


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  • Amy Wright

    I also felt the same way about uni… now, 3 years later and I have a First Class Honours!! Still apprehensive about what the future holds but as soon as I took on the challenge of uni, I haven’t looked back! Gorgeous watch xx

    • voguemode

      Ah amazing! Im so excited to go in to my second year of uni!

      Yasmin x

  • Laura Jukonyte

    Hey lovely, I’m 100% you will smash your Psychology degree. Sending you best wishes. I have actually studied Psychology myself (just graduating this Sept) so if you need any tips or help with your studies, let me know 🙂 Also great post, really nicely written.

    • voguemode

      Thanks so much for your offer! Will definitely take you up on it if I need some help! Xx

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