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AA Essentials: All Natural Skincare You’ll Love

AA essentials skincare

Hello my loves,

As my exams have finally come to an end, I can focus more on my blog (yay!). Today I am bringing you a post about a natural skincare brand that I hadn’t heard of until recently. A week ago, I was sent a few products by the lovely team at AA Skincare, previously known as Amphora Aromatics. The AA range combines natural ingredients and essential oils to curate fantastically natural products. Plus, they are really affordable, which is always a bonus! At the moment I am veering towards more natural skincare. I think sometimes the artificial content on products can reek havoc on my poor skin. So, lets get into the fab products I have been testing out!

Brilliantly Balancing Shampoo Bar

This is the first time I have ever used a shampoo bar. The scent I received was Lemon and Bergamot, which I will link here. The first thing I noticed was how amazing the smell was! It is such a refreshing scent, and AA Skincare have definitely got this one right! This particular bar is for oily/greasy hair, which is perfect for me! However, they also have shampoo bars for dry, itchy, damaged and dull hair! There really is an option for everyone. The shampoo left my hair feeling and smelling absolutely fab, I was very surprised! The all natural ingredients make this product even more appealing too.

AA essentials skincare

Lavender Calming Multipurpose Gel

This natural skincare gem is the most calming gel for my red and inflamed skin. It is a multipurpose gel, so can be used on any part of the body for acne, scars, burns and other injuries. I have personally been applying a small amount to my face twice a day. It is such a soothing gel and the lavender smell is so calming too. I have seen a significant improvement in my spots/redness since using this.

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Green Tea & Aloe Vera Cleansing Wipes

Generally, I steer clear from wipes for cleansing and removing makeup. The only occasion I will really use them is camping/at a festival as they are more convenient. These gorgeous smelling wipes are the first I have tried that haven’t dried out my skin after use, it’s amazing! They are gentle on the skin, making them suitable for anyone!

Frankincense & Rose Face Toner

This toner is described as ‘rejuvenating and rehydrating’, and I can definitely confirm these claims! It’s a very lightweight feeling toner, and a little bit goes a long way. I knew I was going to like this product as I am a big fan of anything with a rose scent. This refreshing toner is a great for after cleansing and before moisturising. I have been using it before the lavender gel, and they are a great combination. This product was the winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2017, and for a good reason!

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So these are the 4 natural skincare and hair products sent over, and I honestly can’t fault them! I have always struggled with oily skin, and these products are true life saviours! Plus, the shampoo bar has helped my oily scalp. I would really recommend AA skincare!

Lots of love,

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  • andthenzen ✨

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but they sound super interesting! I used a shampoo bar last summer on holiday because they’re super easy to put in your suitcase and know it won’t leak and will last the entire holiday.. ???‍♀️ I’m definitely going to check out some of their products!

  • Amanda Rinaldi

    I have been looking into another toner and I haven’t ever heard of the rose and frankincense one! I’ll definitely look into it! <3 Thank you for the awesome tips 🙂

  • Helene

    That sound like a really great brand. Never tried anything so far but I would love to try the Frankincense & Rose Face Toner!
    Wonderful presentation and review!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

  • Alice

    The lavender calming gel sounds lovely, I’ve been looking for something to help with scars or pigmentation!

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