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A Cut And Style With Rush Hair

rush hair salon

Rush Hair Salon

Hey lovelies!

Long time no see and I am sorry! I am mid uni exams and obviously they have had to take priority. But not to worry! Over summer, my posting schedule will be in tip top order! So getting on to today’s post, I am going to tell you about my experience with Rush. A few weeks ago, I received an email from the Rush team asking if I would like to attend their Bristol salon for a haircut and style. I was over the moon! I haven’t had a haircut since arriving at university, so this was long overdue.

The Salon

Walking into the Bristol Rush hair salon, the first thing I noticed was the sleek design and layout. It’s a very modern and sleek design and the products used are on sale at the front of the store, which I really liked. The staff were very kind and welcoming, and I was offered a tea/coffee on arrival, which was a nice touch.

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The Haircut

Coming into Rush, I didn’t have much of an idea about what I wanted to get done. I was very hesitant to try a new hairdresser, as in the past I have had several hair fails that I didn’t want a repeat of! Luckily, this wasn’t one of those. I had my hair cut by Kurtis, the technical consultant at this Rush hair salon. The treatment also included a hair wash and a little head massage which wad a lovely extra. On top of this, I paid a little extra to have a ‘Fusio Dose’ treatment. At £16.50 per dose, this little bit of magic has made my hair softer than it has ever been! My hair tends to get very frizzy, dry and split, so this is just what the doctor ordered (or hairdresser, in this case). I never tend to find products that can actually soften and tame my blonde mop, so I will say this was a first!

The cut itself was quick, clean and looked fantastic! I had my layers thinned out and some extra hidden ones put in to boost my curls a little. I also had the hair at the front shaped, so it sat nicer and framed my face a little more. I had it dried using a rounded brush, which is something I have never had done to my hair. It gave my hair soft and elegant curls, so this is a technique for us curly haired gals out there!

I was very pleased with my experience at Rush, and I definitely recommend their services to anybody needing a hair cut, colour or treatment!

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Until next time,

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*NOTE: I received this haircut at no cost in exchange for blog and social media coverage, however this will not influence my opinion on the experience or the finished result.




  • Khadija

    I have a RUSH hair salon near me but I’ve never been to it! I’ve had bad experiences before and I am hesitant to try new hairdressers too because I love my hair and I don’t want to mess it up. They done a great job on your hair, looks so smooth! Their customer service sounds wonderful, might have to give them a try.

    Found you on @Musesapp 🙂 x

    • voguemode

      Ah Im sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but I think everyone does! But yes they were so friendly and chatty, a very relaxed environment!

  • Shirley

    Your hair looks so beautiful! Lovely blog post, Yasmin!?

    Shirley |

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