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The Ultimate In Flight Travel Checklist ✈

travel checklist

Hello my loves!

As a fairly forgetful person, I always need a travel checklist. As the weather is getting warmer here in England and I am thinking about my upcoming holiday in July, I thought this post would be an appropriate time to post this. I love to travel as much as the next person. but the worst thing is getting on the plane and remembering you left your headphones on the bed. Tragic, isn’t it? So I am coming to you today with my ultimate travel checklist to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.


A travel must have for any journey. I always like to take earbuds on holiday with me as they are smaller and more convenient. A pair like these sound isolating earphones are the perfect travel companion, and they’re wireless too!

Portable charger

I’m pretty sure this is the in-flight essential I can never seem to remember, but always wish I had on hand. I don’t know about anyone else, but I spend a fair bit of travel time occupying myself on my phone. A small portable charger like this one is perfect to store in your hand luggage and keep your battery topped up.

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Appropriate clothing

My travelling outfits are usually just joggers or some comfy alternative. Depending on the weather in the countries at both ends of your travelling, just remember to wear appropriate clothing. The amount of times I have worn jeans and a hoodie for a flight and then arrive to 30 degree sun, it’s not nice. I try to keep a hoodie in my travel carry on and if the country is warm at the other end, sunglasses and some shorts! Be prepared, you never know!

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ultimate travel checklist

travel checklist for summer holiday


With the 100ml liquids limit, this one can be a bit tricky. Personally, I only ever consider taking beauty products on long haul flights. I highly recommend a lipbalm, a moisturiser and cleansing water/wipes to remove any makeup you had on at the airport. The air inside a plane is germ filled and drying for your skin, so keep it clean and happy by giving it moisture! (And drink lots of water) Don’t worry, if you want to reapply a little makeup before you land, just keep a few essentials on board.

Travel wallet

Keeping your important documents safe is a necessity when flying, so I always recommend a travel wallet.  They’re great to store your passport, boarding pass and any accommodation related documents.

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So there we have my travelling essentials! I hope you found this post helpful, are you jetting off anywhere over summer? Let me know!



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  • Nicole

    Love this post! Comfortable clothing is a must for me when traveling!

  • Cindy

    Great list! I’d also suggest an empty water bottle that you fill last the airport once you get through security. ?

  • Maria

    Awesome list! I am always forgetting my toiletries as I sometimes panic they will be taken away at security hehe!

    M x

  • Denise

    I need to get a travel wallet before my next trip. Thanks for the checklist.

  • Bailey

    This is such a helpful list! Xx

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