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How to Have a Really Productive Morning

how to be productive in the morning

I don’t know about anyone else, but the morning is my favourite time of day. The birds are awake, the sun is (sometimes) shining, and it’s just a generally refreshing time of day. Having a morning routine is something I am beginning to master, and I am so glad. It puts a little bit of structure into my day, and means I always start the day ready to tackle the tasks ahead.

Wake up at a consistent time

Ok, so I am not always brilliant at doing this, but it really does help when I manage it. Allowing your natural body clock to rise just that little bit earlier means you can fit so much more into your day. If you aren’t a morning person and struggle to get up, try setting your alarm just an hour earlier and see how much more you get done.

A good breakfast

This is a vital part of anyone’s day, and I believe it’s a necessity if you are to be at your most efficient. Some of my favourites are these heart healthy breakfast ideas for busy mornings and Acai bowls are also a super easy and healthy start to your day! (Yes these pancakes were not healthy, but they were damn tasty!)

pancakes breakfast in the morning

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Have a morning ritual

This doesn’t have to be spiritual or anything, but have a plan for your morning and stick to it. A great way to start your day is with exercise to make you feel awake, fit and healthy. Finding a routine you enjoy and will stick to will make it more likely you’ll stick to it.

Turn off your phone

For me, this is one of my biggest distractions when trying to complete uni work or any other task for that matter. By silencing or turning off your phone, you are eliminating a very big distraction. This will allow more time to be dedicated to the tasks at hand. A good way to start is dedicating just an hour a day to no technology. Enjoy family time, read a good book or just relax!

So there are my top ways to have the most productive morning possible! Do you have any tips you swear by to make a day productive?

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  • Kate Sinclair

    I’m definitely more of a morning person, always was even before insomnia made me more so!! Now I’m asleep often by the evening!!!

  • Fran

    Great post Yasmin! I love all of your tips, especially that a great way to start your day is with exercise as it gets your endorphins going!

  • Madi Dearson

    Great tips! I so agree with the morning ritual, it structures my day better.

  • Jack Deyes

    Fantastic blog post Yasmin I loved reading this keep up the fantastic work

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