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Why I Rebranded My Blog + Tips For Doing it Right

rebranding my blog

Hello my loves! I hope you are doing well.

So, about my blog…As I’m sure you have realised, yesterday I decided to rebrand my blog and all my social medias! It’s a change I have been considering making to my blog for a month or so now, and I am very happy I did! I wanted to create a short post explaining why I did it, and provide some tips if you are having doubts about the current state of your blog like I was.

I rushed into it

When I first began blogging, I was so happy that I had made the decision to create one that I didn’t take as much time as I should have with my branding. A rookie mistake, I know. But over the 4 or so months I have been blogging, I have definitely learnt a thing or two about the importance of having a strong brand associated with your blog. I know from my own experience that a lot of the time I will only click on a blog post’s link if the URL and post title are enticing, so I thought I would take a page out my own book with my blog.

It took me a fair few hours of brainstorming, consulting with blogger pals and running twitter polls to decide on this new name ‘Vogue Mode’, but I am very pleased with it. This name reflects the style of me, my writing, and I think it has a nice girl boss-y ring to it. For me, my old URL and social names wasn’t as representative of me as I would have liked, and expressing your uniqueness and personality is such an important factor when running a blog.

vogue mode blog

I also recently decided that I wanted to give the world of youtube a try. It was at this point I realised that I really didn’t like the name of my blog, and as I wanted to keep my name and branding consistent across all social media, it was time for a change.

Want to give your blog a face lift? Read this first…

There is nothing wrong with feeling negatively towards your blog, we all end up in that creative rut at some point along the way. The key is if you truly enjoy it, to to not give up. Making just a few small changes to my blog has given me a world of blogging inspiration, and I’m excited to see what’s in store.

As I am only a few months into blogging, I felt the present was a better time than any to make these changes. I only went self hosted back in January, so my DA hasn’t reached a score that isn’t achievable again with a few months hard work.


If you made the mistake I did the first time around and rushed into picking a name, don’t repeat that mistake. I love making notes, playing around with name combos and using an online dictionary/name generator to throw some ideas into the mix. Come up with a list of maybe 10-12 names you really like, then gradually whittle it down to which one represents you best.

Social media availability

One thing I did before settling for my new name was check the availability of it across all my active social medias. I think it’s so much easier and more professional looking if your names are consistent across all platforms, and it will help more viewers discover your pages and blog too.

Your URL

Of course, as well as your social medias, you need to make sure your desired blog URL is available. I bought mine off GoDaddy, they have great customer service and are very reliable.

Inform your audience

Last but not least, make a post like I am now or just a few posts on social media to let people know its still you and you’ve just changed your name!

I hope that this post was useful and that anybody considering making the change has the confidence too! I hope the process goes smoothly, and have a fantastic rest of the week!

Also, as a little favour to me, I would love some more youtube subscribers! My link is here.

Thanks so much!

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