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How To Keep Your Life 100% Organised with Busy B Stationary

staying organised

Staying organised as a university student is crucial to my academic success. Keeping on top of deadlines, essay due dates and lecture content can be a challenge! On top of that, there is the social and personal elements of life to plan too. Complied together, this can make my life rather hectic. The lovely team at Busy B stationary very kindly sent me 3 items that I have been testing out for the past few weeks. In this post I will show you how I keep on top of my time and work to produce a (somewhat) balanced lifestyle with the help of Busy B!


Use a planner to keep your life organised

 This is probably one of the most essential items I own, I couldn’t live without one now! I write in my deadlines, any upcoming events and my work shifts. It’s fabulous to have on hand to give you an idea about what’s coming up for the week ahead. It’s a life saver! The lovely team at Busy B stationary sent me their organiser and I have loved using it so far! It features a clean layout, a set of stickers and everything needed for an organised life!


Post It Notes

There are post it notes stuck up everywhere in my room. I am very much a visual person, so having reminders on brightly coloured sticky notes where I can see them is a great help. I try to keep them somewhere I know I will see them the next morning, like on my desk or the bathroom mirror.

keep organised with busy b stationary


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Phone Reminders

In the past year or so, I have made good use of my phone’s reminder features. I use it to make sure I take my medication and complete tasks on time. As it is something I always have nearby, using my phone to help me be more efficient really is a great way to stay organised.


Don’t leave things last minute

 I’m pretty sure we are all guilty of this. It’s a task that you really don’t want to handle so you keep pushing it to one side, then suddenly the deadline approaches and you start to freak. As a uni student, I know this feeling all too well. Too many all nighters and coffee refills at 2am to meet a deadline has encouraged me to start completing the hardest tasks first. It’s a brilliant way to feel more productive, and saves you pulling that dreaded all nighter (seriously, nobody wants that).

keep organised with busy b stationary


Write lists

Now I know this method doesn’t suit everybody’s needs, but I always seem to have about 5 different to do lists on the go. I make regular ones for daily tasks, uni work, and any chores that need doing (especially washing and ironing, nobody likes that). For a great read, have a look at Em Talks’ post all about kickstarting your week the right way. The Busy B To-Do Notepad keeps all my lists in one place and gives me that satisfaction of completing one and moving on to the next, it’s a fab feeling.

So these are my top 5 ways I stay remotely organised and stress free in my life. Be sure to check out Busy B’s range of stationary! There are some beautiful pieces on the site! Happy Monday and have a great week ahead.

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Note: These items were sent to my by Busy B, but all opinions are my own.




  • Yvette

    Great tips / my fav tool is phone reminders!

  • Kate Sinclair

    Really great tops and love the stationery. I will definitely have a look because I need some more help getting organised!!!

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