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Online vs In Store Shopping: Which is the Winner?

As our generation’s use of technology increases, industries are taking advantage of the fact most of us sit in front of a screen all day. One of the biggest industries taking a note of this is fashion. Online shopping sites such as Boohoo, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing are just some names that have answered lazy shopaholic’s prayers. Although online shopping is great, is it really better than going to the shops? As an avid shopper both online and in real life, I am here to give my opinion on both. This post will explore the pros and cons of both methods, so who will win?

Online Shopping


The obvious advantage of online shopping is the ability to shop from the comfort of your own bed with a cup of tea. Let’s face it, this is much more appealing on a cold and grim day.

Shopping online is also a great time saver. I have used online sites many times if I needed a certain item but didn’t have the time to visit the shops (next day delivery for the win!).


However, I always find my biggest issue with using online stores is sizing. Brands show a great amount of variation in sizing, and it can be difficult to make a decision.

Another issue with online shopping is the clothing quality. It isn’t always apparent from a few photos what material a garment is made of, which can be extremely irritating. Too many times I have tried on a top from an online store and the girls are just coming through to say hello (if you get my drift…).

P.S. If you love eBay like I do, have a read of this ultimate eBay shopping guide on (a blog I really love!).

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laptopIn Store Shopping


For me, the biggest advantage of shopping in stores is being able to try the items on immediately. Being honest, if I am confident about what size I am in a shop, or it is a simple item like a t-shirt, I won’t usually try it on. But when it comes to items like dresses and jumpsuits, I always try them on. Being on the shorter side means that a lot of the time items like these drown me!

I always love going shopping with friends or my mum, it’s a really nice day out. There is something about hand picking the items out from the rail that makes it that little bit nicer!


The one thing I dislike most about it is queueing. I am your typical brit; hates queueing, loves tea and patriotic. Especially during peak times such as Christmas and the January sales, it gets too manic for me to bear.


shopping bags

So, bringing all factors into play, I personally prefer the real shopping experience. Despite the convenience and variety available, I will always prefer going in to a store and picking out an item by hand. There is something so enjoyable about the whole experience.

Which do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments below!





  • Tasha

    I definitely prefer store shopping to online, info shop online but you never know what it will be like and whether it will fit! With some of the major shops in trouble lately I’m worried that one day online will be the only way to shop!

  • Aaliyah

    Lovely post and it’s so true, there are definitely pros and cons to both. I think I also prefer taking a day to go shopping!

  • Melanie

    Great post with an excellent round up of pros and cons! Personally I prefer online shopping as store shopping can be quite stressful as I suffer from anxiety. If it’s available I quite like doing click and collect too to save on postage costs!

    Melanie |

  • Alice

    I love real shopping for when I know what I need! Online shopping is the best when I’m just bored and want to browse. Great post !

  • Niamh marron

    Love this post, such an amazing read!

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