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My Wanderlust List: Where I Want To Travel

where I want to travel

To travel is to live…

I have always loved to travel, ever since I was a little girl and my parents took me on family holidays. The weather, a new culture and different scenery are just a few of the reasons I love to explore new places. To me, travelling gives you experiences you won’t find staying in your home country. it really provides opportunities to learn, discover and feel part of a new way of life. So here is my wanderlust list of places I hope to travel to in the future.

New York

I have visited several American states, but I am yet to embark on the adventure that is NYC. It’s such a bustling and atmospheric place, especially around the Christmas holidays which is when I would love to go. I am yet to spend Christmas in another country and would love my first experience to be in New York.

new york city


This is definitely up there in my top places to visit. It would be a long ol journey (around 22 hours from London to Sydney) which is definitely not something I am a fan of. However, I know the experiences would be worth it. The weather, beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and the wildlife are just a few of the elements that are pulling me towards this beautiful country (minus spiders…) and I hope I am lucky enough to visit one day!

australia map

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Galapagos Islands

To me, this is one of the most unique and fantastic places to travel on the planet. The variety of wildlife on the islands is what first drew me to become attracted to the destination after seeing one of the incredible David Attenborough’s documentaries. Many of these species are found nowhere else on Earth, which makes it such a special place. On top of that, since it is a volcanic group of islands, the landscape is breathtaking. Definitely a travel destination on my bucket list.



Asia is one of the few continents in the world I am yet to explore (but very much hope to!). Vietnam has always appealed as the place to explore within Asia. It’s known for its exquisite beaches, rivers and of course the culture. The cultural differences within asian countries has always fascinated me, and is something I would love to experience firsthand.



South America is full of such diverse and amazing countries, but the one that has always caught my attention is Brazil. Of course, the popular Rio De Janeiro is on my Brazil bucket list, and to experience their internationally recognised Carnaval. I have also always had an interest in Geography, so visiting the Amazon rainforest would be an incredible experience.



Bora Bora

This is one of those little treasures hidden in the South Pacific just a way from the North West coast of Tahiti. Bora Bora’s lagoons, beaches, climate and wildlife present the perfect destination for a lover of travel (like me!). I would love to stay in the bungalows that are perched on stilts over the clear blue water, what a place to stay!

bora bora

So here is my list of the top 6 destinations I would like to travel to in the future, have you been to any of them? Let me know about your experience there in the comments!

Have a great week.

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  • Frertsu

    All these places are on my travel list too, especially Vietnam, it seems like a magical place! Love your post!

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