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9 Things I Have Been Loving Recently

notebook and laptop

Welcome March!

Ah I do love spring, and I hope March will bring better things and somewhat warmer weather! Although it isn’t promising so far with all this snow (thanks England). Today I am bringing you a few things I have been loving in recent months, from fitness to fashion and beyond! Let’s dive in to the list.

Blogging and writing

Since starting my blog, I have seen a great increase in the quality of my writing. Not only is blogging a great way to connect with new people, it’s a fantastic creative outlet to express yourself! I have been loving sharing my thoughts, opinions and tips to complete strangers on the internet who I have come to know and love, and who don’t judge! It really is an unbeatable community of support and love.

notebook and laptop

The gym

Up until last October, I had never set foot into a gym in my life. However, with the persuasion of a few friends, I was somehow roped into joining! I am enjoying it so much more now I know my goals, have overcome my gym anxiety and have a routine going. It has been really beneficial to both my mental and physical health and I try to go at least 3 or 4 times per week. I prefer to go in the morning, it helps wake me up and feel refreshed for the day ahead.


When I am not drowning in assignments and deadlines, I love to sit and watch a good TV show to unwind. I have recently finished How to Get Away with Murder, which I really enjoyed (I’m a crime show fanatic). I have also just started watching Gossip Girl (several years late to this one, I know) but I am loving it so far! Netflix can be so distracting, and suddenly 5 episodes later half your day has gone! I really am trying to discipline myself with TV time, but with little success thus far…

Simpler makeup looks

This is a bit of a strange one, I know. As much as I love a glam full face makeup look, I have been toning it down recently in an effort to feel more comfortable in my own skin, and it’s working. I have started leaving the house with 0 makeup on (something I would never have dreamed of doing this time last year) even when I am having a bad skin day. I still use makeup and always will, I just also want to love myself as me too.

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Honestly, denim seems to be something I love all year round. It’s so versatile and can be worn in every season. Recently I have been wearing more ‘mom’ style jeans. I seem to be moving away from the skinny jeans and into the more casual/wider leg styles. I have always been a high waisted jeans girl, that will never change! Oversized denim jackets are something I also love, they keep a look casual but add such a nice finishing touch.

denim jacket

Marble print

Yes I know every person and their dog has an obsession with marble print, but I’m afraid I also jumped on that bandwagon last year. I generally use a marble background for my blog flatlays, it’s a great alternative to plain white but isn’t too overpowering. I also love to use marble print in my blog and Pinterest graphics as it helps to make a really eye catching image.


Since I started blogging, I have really enjoyed picking a camera back up and tuning into my creative side. I have loved creating flatlays and starting to do outfit posts has really helped boost my self confidence too! I have also been experimenting with different editing strategies, camera settings and how to get the best out of my photos!


This is a social platform I am still getting to grips with, but I have been really loving. After I changed my account to business and started to use Pinterest to generate blog traffic, this is when I really began to fall in love with it. Pinterest is one of the first places I head when I am lacking inspiration, there’s always something new on there! It’s also a great way to discover new blog posts too.

Checkerboard print

In the past few months, I have started to love and obsess over anything checkerboard print. It seems to have become really popular, and this is definitely a trend I am all over! (Even my record player is checkerboard). It’s a great statement print, and currently my favourite way to style it is wearing some high waisted mom jeans with the H&M checkerboard top I own. Here is a very similar one.


Thank you so much for reading, what have you been loving recently?

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  • Harley

    I love this post idea! I’ve been loving the gym lately, too! It’s really helpful for my mental health.


    • itstheblondelife

      Yes that was my main reason for starting and its helped so much!! Xx

  • Laura Lovette

    I have been loving blogging too lately, and reading and binge watching some new shows. Glad you got over your gym anxiety, I’m getting back into a fitness routine now too 🙂 xx

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah thanks so much yes the gym has been a great help to my life! x

  • Don’t stress, I haven’t seen all of Gossip Girl either! I keep getting halfway through the second season then forgetting where I’m up to. I’m sure I’ll get around to it one day though!

    • itstheblondelife

      haha I have got up to season 3 so far but I am still going!

  • Michelle

    I’ve been more and more interested in Pinterest lately. The platform came out when I was in college and I used it religiously but fell off. After I started my blog, I got back into it and I’ve really been enjoying it!

    Great list! x


    • itstheblondelife

      Thanks so much! Yes I have my moments with pinterest too, but recently have found my love for it! xx

  • Amanda

    I love both How To Get Away With Murder and Gossip Girl- you have excellent Netflix taste

    • itstheblondelife

      Thanks so much! Yes they are fab shows x

  • Madi Dearson

    Gossip girl is one of the most fun shows to binge on. I also agree with you on Pinterest I have been falling back in love with it lately, love that it keeps me company on my phone when I have to wait somewhere or travel somewhere – I just pin away and feel productive doing it which is great:)

    • itstheblondelife

      Yes thats so true!! x

  • CherishingFlo

    I just cannot get into Pinterest no matter how hard I try. I love that your blog hasn’t been such a great outlet for you! I have to admit that mine has been for me and shown me a side to my own writing I never considered! Great post!

    • itstheblondelife

      Thanks so much yes I love just writing about what I want to!

  • Caroline Agoba

    I have been obsessed with denim too! Especially mom jeans and denim jackets like I mean I am living x

    • itstheblondelife

      Yesss mom jeans are my absolute wardrobe staple! As well as a good denim jacket of courseee x

  • Elle

    Fantastic post! I need to sort out my Pinterest too! Best of luck with your goals for this month!??Xx

    • itstheblondelife

      Thanks so much!

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