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How to Find Blogging Inspiration

find blogging inspiration

Inspiration, where are you? I often sit staring at a blank page with not a clue what to type. Sound familiar? We all have days where we lack inspiration and our creative minds are flaking. Hopefully this guide will help you regain your blogging mojo and enable you to keep producing your kick ass content!

Pinterest inspiration

The first place I head to if I am struggling for ideas is Pinterest. If you aren’t utilising this platform for blogging and inspiration already, you really should jump on the band wagon (seriously, it’s great). Typing in key words into Pinterest for your blogging niche allows you to discover a whole host of ideas you may have never even thought of. Keeping inspiration boards on Pinterest is also really helpful, you can head back to them whenever you feel your creativity running low! If you need help getting started with Pinterest, ellduclos has some fab posts (which will also help with using Pinterest for blog traffic)!

What’s popular in your niche at the moment?

I personally find a big help when trying to plan my blog posts is looking at what other blogger’s are currently writing about. Once I gather ideas about what’s hot in blogging at the moment, it can allow you to draw your own ideas together and create original content drawn from the inspiration of other online creators! Read other people’s posts and try to get a sense of topics you both enjoy reading and writing about.

Take a break

Like everything in life, you can over do it. Taking a small break from blogging may help you to explore more ideas for future posts and establish what sort of topics you want to write about. I always find a little time away from a task and coming back to it with a fresh mind can do the world of good.
my goals planner

Plan ahead

I have my blog post’s planned currently up until mid March. Having a schedule and knowing what posts are due to be posted can help you focus on creating quality content, rather than finding a topic to write about. I use a planner to keep all my ideas and post dates written down and in one place, it really does help!

Make lists

I am one of those people who makes lists for absolutely everything. It helps me to organise my thoughts and draw ideas together. I have a notebook purely for blog post ideas and I try to roughly plan out each one before beginning to write it. I find this helps, especially by having lists for each of your blog categories. This cactus notebook is so adorable, and so is this Sass & Belle one! (A cute notebook always helps).

Tip: Keep a list in the ‘notes’ section of your phone in case you have some unexpected inspiration whilst out and about, this always helps to ensure no bright idea goes to waste!

The right environment

For me, if my surroundings are cluttered my mind gets cluttered. Try tidying your room and clearing your desk space (no, working from your bed isn’t always the best place to generate ideas and may make you procrastinate!). Come back to your writing after a little breather and start your ideas flowing again.


There are plenty of reading resources out there that are bursting full of ideas. Have a read of some books and magazines relevant to your blog’s niche and you may just find that lightbulb idea!


I hope some of these tips may help you get back into blogging and keep on creating great content!





  • jani

    These are great tips! I love pinterest for inspiration for basically anything haha but for blogging I agree that making lists and taking a break are great ways to get inspired again! Thanks again for sharign such good tips!

    Jani from

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah thank you for taking the time to read this! I totally agree with you too! x

  • Kate Sinclair

    Thank you so much for the helpful hints here. Really will be helpful ??

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah you’re so welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post x

    • itstheblondelife

      Youre welcome!

  • Sayward Porcher

    I loved this! Some of these I already do and some I didn’t even think of. Good read ?

    • itstheblondelife

      Awh thank you lovely!

  • Laura

    Great, motivating post! We did a list of a bunch of post ideas we want to write for 2018 to help keep the momentum going ?

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah thats a great list!

  • Kara

    This was so fun to read!

    I agree with everything said! My top ideas is something simple as reading a magazine. Fashion magazines was what got me interested in fashion and writing. So I end up going back to my first love! Pinterest is great, sometimes if I don’t know how to style an outfit for my blog it can be so helpful!

    Also just taking a walk and not focusing on social media helps me. It lets my mind wonder a little bit.

    • itstheblondelife

      Yes pinterest is so great for outfit styling! And magazines are so good too for fashion and writing inspo! Thank you for the lovely comment x

  • Shirley

    Such a helpful blog post! I really like your tips! ✨

    Shirley |

    • itstheblondelife

      Thank you so much!

  • Hayley Beth

    These are great tips! I personally love walking around the posher part of my town on a Sunday morning and looking at all of the window displays! Really fills me with creative inspiration!

    • itstheblondelife

      That sounds so lovely!

  • evelyne

    I’m so inspired lately after reading a lot of new blogs – there are so many great ideas out there! I live for lists and like to plan ahead (up till March, too 🙂 Not because I have a strict schedule, but because otherwise, I’ll forget 90% of my ideas.

    Like you, a clutter-free and pretty environment is key. Blogging is such a feel-good hobby of mine that I like to combine it with other nice things.

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah im so glad you are brimming full of ideas! Yes so many bloggers inspire me to create!

  • Anna

    I found your tips really helpful! I want to start using Pinterest more to help me with my blogging, and the bed is definitely a very hard place to work on posts. I always get distracted, coffee shops are the way to go for me! Great post!

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah thanks my love! Coffee shops are also my go to location to get some decent work done!

  • Jen

    Your tips are so so good. I use pinterest a lot for inspiration. And I also try to find out what is going on in my niche at any given time. Taking a break is a big one, sometimes you just need to reset and come back when you’re refreshed.

    • itstheblondelife

      I totally agree, Pinterest can be a goldmine for blogging ideas and yes taking a break is so important to let yourself rest and reboot xx

  • Debbie

    I am bookmarking this for later when I get writers block! My biggest saving grace has been keeping a notebook with a list of ideas so I can add to it whenever inspiration strikes and then when I am stuck I can reference that list!

    • itstheblondelife

      I agree! My notebook and list on my phone are my saviours for ideas! Glad the post helped x

  • Jennifer

    Great ideas! Yes, it seems like blog post ideas come at the most inopportune times and then when you actually sit down to write the mind goes blank! ? Having a list is definitely helpful. I will pin this to refer to later. Thanks!

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah thank you so much! Yes keeping a list of ideas on my phone has been a game changer! Definitely my best way to note during times of inspiration

  • Kalia

    The right environment is super crucial for me. When I am home it is bittersweet because I want my pup around, but sometimes he gets super antsy that I am home and not playing with him. So my focus gets cut off. Not good for inspiration. haha. I also am trying to plan ahead. I want to get a month ahead in my content. I am only on my 4th month of blogging, so I am still trying to get my process down and balance the 9-5 and blog, but I will get there. I am a HUGE fan of lists! I need to get my ideas out when I get them… otherwise, I lose them. Great tips! Thank you.

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah you will get a schedule together soon enough! I am only in my 3rd month of blogging so I am fairly new too, but yes I always find myself to be more productive in a different environment away from my desk

  • Nicole Lauren Blake

    These are great tips! I have sooooo many lists, blog post ideas, video ideas, plans for videos and posts etc etc.

    I definitely have had trouble in the past with writers block, and took longer breaks than I have liked! Using a lot of these tips have really helped me in the past. I need to start using Pinterest for more idea research in the future though.

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah thanks for the support! I would highly recommend using Pinterest more, its great for blog traffic and ideas! x

  • Meghan

    Found this so super helpful!! Saving this for when I need it

    • itstheblondelife

      Thank you! I hope it will help for future inspiration

  • Frertsu

    Your tips are amazing! I tried some of them but I’ll definitely try others once I need inspiration~ Thank you for sharing!

    • itstheblondelife

      Ah thank you so much! I hope it helps xx

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