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A Nivea Review

The lovely people at Nivea sent me a few products to try, test and give an honest review. I was kindly sent the MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water and the Invisible Anti-Perspirant for Black & White. In all honesty, I regularly buy Nivea products for my skin and body, one of my current favourites being this body lotion which I use daily! (Because who doesn’t want silky soft skin, right?)

Anyway, on to my thoughts about these two little gems!

The micellar water

Gone are the days of removing makeup with scratchy wipes that leave your skin all blotchy and red, micellar water is the new it girl of makeup removal. Currently I use a micellar water from Simple, which I love and have repurchased time and time again. It was the first one I found that didn’t make my eyes sting. Most other micellar water’s I  tried have reciprocated that feeling of when you were a child and you got shampoo on your eye, and feared this was the end! However, this Nivea one stands very close to the top of my favourite makeup removers. It’s effective, doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, what more could you want! A little goes a long way, and the best bit is how cleansed my skin feels afterwards!

The anti perspirant

We all know the struggle of trying to avoid sweat patches and deodorant stains on our clothes (especially anything black). I have to say as a girl who works 10 hour shifts in all black clothing, this deodorant holds up pretty damn well, and doesn’t leave those pesky white stains. It has a very floral and refreshing scent, and it will leave you feeling fresh as daisy for the majority of the day! (Although a little deodorant top up never hurt anybody).

I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet review, Happy Monday pumpkins and have a great week ahead!


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  • Lena Dee

    I Love micelles water! It’s like my go to! I’m currently on the Garnier one but would easily give Nivea a try since I love the brand. I also wouldn’t mine trying their anti perspirant! Thanks for sharing ??

    xx Lena |

    • itstheblondelife

      Youre welcome lovely! Would highly recommend trying this micellar water ive been loving it!

  • Sophie

    I absolutely love the Nivea Micellar Water! Definitely one of my favourites ☺️

    • Yasmin

      Isnt it great! Its a new favourite for me! Xx

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