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After Gym Routine

We all know how important it is to look after our bodies through healthy eating and regular exercise, but it’s also important to care for your body in the correct way after exercising. Today I am going to share the routine I follow after the gym to ensure I keep my body and health in good shape! If the gym isn’t for you, there are plenty of other sports to get involved in to keep yourself healthy! Find what you enjoy, maybe try yoga!

My Routine

Rehydrate – It’s important to drink a decent amount of water daily, but water intake becomes even more important after exercise. You need it to function properly, and rehydrating after exercise helps your body’s recovery. I typically refill my water bottle after the gym and try to drink at least half whilst I walk home, it helps you feel refreshed after a sweaty workout too!

A healthy snack – As well as water, restoring your body’s energy after exercise is also important. When you finish your workout, replenish your body with a healthy snack such as a smoothie, piece of fruit or a post-workout shake. I try to always keep healthy snacks in the house for when I return to the gym so I don’t automatically reach for junk food! (I have a really bad snacking problem…)

Get squeaky clean – After all that sweating, you really need to have a shower/bath after the gym! Use a cleansing shower gel and also a body scrub once a week to help keep your skin in tip top condition. Make sure to moisturise your body after too!

Skincare – When you get out the shower/bath, thoroughly wash your face and complete your skincare routine, sweat can block your pores and contribute to spots/acne.

Have a rest! – If you’re like me and prefer to go to the gym in the morning, have a relax before the day begins! Lounge around for a little while in some comfy clothes and feel proud you just kicked butt at the gym!

Plan – I use a planner to keep track of the days I need to attend the gym and what sort of routine I need to do. This helps me keep on track with my progress and give equal attention to all muscle groups.

I hope this post was helpful and if you haven’t yet found a sport or exercise that you enjoy, stick with it! You will find one soon.






  • f a n n i

    Love this post! Just got back to going to the gym and it was super helpful to read your tips! x
    Fanni –

    • Yasmin

      Thanks so much! I love having a routine to make myself feel fresh and energized after working out!

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