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 From Countryside To City | My University Move

As I return back to university for my second term, packing up my things and moving back into my student house, It’s lead me to consider how drastically my life has changed since moving. The change in lifestyle from a quiet village in the country to a bustling city has been a shock.

I do miss the peace and quiet of my small countryside village. The tweeting birds in the morning, the sunshine breaking through my curtains as I wake up, and the community of people. But as I’ve lived here my whole life, I think I was getting too comfortable in my cosy little village. I needed a change, an opportunity to advance as a person and become more independent. This moment came to me in the form of acceptance into my first choice university.

My decision to move 3 hours away from home wasn’t an easy one. My anxiety said a big fat no to that idea, but I pushed through with it, and of course I couldn’t be happier that I did. This change in lifestyle wasn’t easy, and it definitely took me several months to fully settle in to my new life in the city.

I’m glad I took the plunge to start my new life. Of course I miss my family and friends, but I still see them regularly. I’m slowly adapting to the noise, the busy atmosphere, and the buzzing social scene, which has been a shock but a great experience so far. This has been a big step for me, especially with my anxiety issues, but my decision shows that you can tackle these life challenges! It is possible to overcome your fears and pursue your life ambitions (as cheesy as it sounds, I know!).

I know this was a slightly different post, but it’s something I have been wanting to get off my chest for a while! I hope this may be able to inspire others making a big life change who struggle with anxiety or just aren’t sure about taking the plunge! Lots of love to everyone xx





  • thebalancedbelles

    Anxiety can make even the best moments of your life a little scary, but remember that change equals growth! You’re going to do great!

    • Yasmin

      Thanks so much! This change has been great for me and I am embracing every opportunity I get!

  • missshanlouise

    I really enjoyed this, I live only an hour away from my uni in Cardiff and it’s so easy for me to go home all the time, so I definitely feel like I miss out at times, maybe I should have tried 3 hours away too!

    Shan |

    • Yasmin

      Ah thats great to hear! Well I guess its all down to personal preference! I knew it would be hard but I also knew I needed this space to grow xx

  • Victoria

    That’s exciting! Moving is a huge change! I hope you have a wonderful time at school

    • Yasmin

      Thank you! It was a massive change but I am loving it!

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