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Pause For Thought | Appreciating What You Have


Good Evening, I hope everyone has had a lovely christmas, and the festive period combined with several other factors has got me thinking about appreciating what we have.

Since I moved to Bristol for university, the levels of homelessness has shocked me. I’ve grown up in an affluent small village and lived there since I was born, so moving to a busy, bustling city with high amount of rough sleepers was a shock. Especially since we moved into Winter time, walking past people everyday freezing cold with no food or shelter pulled at my heart strings.

Just take a moment and appreciate what you have. A warm bed, shelter, food in the fridge, and clean clothes to wear. Think about the people who don’t have these things and would give anything to have them. I think it’s important to remember and appreciate everything you have, especially during the festive season. We always want something more than what we already have, whether it’s a new phone, new clothes, or even a new house, and we admire people who have all the things we desire. What you need to remember isĀ someone will always desire the things you have. This may be as simple as a homeless person wishing they had the hot meal they’ve just seen you eat.

Just spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourself, and maybe do something to help, no matter how simple.

Have a lovely day, lots of love,

Yasmin x



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