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Positive Thinking | Body Confidence

If you’re like me and most people on this planet, you have at some point felt negative about your body. It may be your weight, those pesky stretch marks on your thighs, or the acne that has taunted you for years. No matter what it is, nothing is ever worth compromising your happiness for. I certainly have experienced this.

I believe I am on my way to feeling more confident gradually, but don’t expect changes overnight, changing your thoughts can be a long, difficult journey but has the most beautiful ending, loving you for being YOU. Here are a few ways to begin that change.

#1 Our modern day life is jam packed with human interactions, whether it’s in the online community or in real life. A difficult but important step to take is removing negative people from your life, or anyone who doesn’t make you feel positive or worthy. This may be a real life friend, an Instagram account you follow which makes you feel bad about yourself, or even a close family member. Removing negativity from your everyday life can help immensely.

#2 A method I have found to have benefitted my view towards myself is keeping a positive thoughts notebook/journal. Anytime I really like my outfit, my makeup, or received a compliment from someone, recording allows you to have somewhere to go when you’re feeling low, to remind yourself of why you’re beautiful!

#3 Exercise isn’t just great for you physically, it also benefits you mentally. Engaging in light exercise such as yoga or pilates regularly has really boosted my self confidence. It improves flexibility, fitness and is a very calming activity. As a bonus, it can make you feel good about your body, making a healthy lifestyle change to benefit you. One Youtube channel I use all the time for yoga videos is ‘Yoga with Adriene’ ( She’s so welcoming and encouraging to everyone, and provides great routines and mindful thinking time. I personally started my yoga journey with Adriene’s 30 day challenge, and it was one of the best decisions I made for my confidence and improving my physical health.

#4 Practicing self care is a great way to look and feel fab. Whether it’s taking a bubble bath, doing a face mask and painting your nails or just sitting with a cup of tea and a good book, looking after you is so important. We often forget to take time for ourselves in our busy lives, but we need quality self care time, this has especially benefited my skin confidence, doing a mask and scrub regularly has brought positive improvements.

#5 This is possibly the hardest step to take, but stop comparing yourself to other people. We always want more than what we have in life, whether thats related to physical appearance or something else. Comparing yourself to others and making yourself feel less worthy won’t bring about your desired changes, it just makes you feel worse about yourself. Start appreciating you and focus on the things that you are able to change, and if you feel ready, begin to take steps towards your goals.

Thank you for reading my loves, and stay positive always!

Yasmin x




  • auchatbleublog

    These are great tips. I will keep these in mind when I’m feeling low.

    • yasminthompson

      Thank you my love, I’m glad they were helpful for you! Things will always get better, remember that! Merry Christmas hunny xx

  • crystalsandcurls

    I love this so much! I honestly think being happy with ourselves is one of the most important things we can master in this life; nothing really feels that great if YOU don’t feel great doing it. These are wonderful tips, lovely xx

    • yasminthompson

      Thank you so much my love! Yes I agree, being happy with yourself is the most important thing! Being positive about yourself and completely happy with your life is so important! Have a lovely christmas hun xx

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