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University: Which one do I choose?

Choosing a university can be a challenging and life changing decision. Picking only 5 universities as a potential place to spend the next 3 or more years of your life. Here are my top tips for choosing the right university for you!

Open Days

Visiting a university can be the make or break between your choice. It gives you the opportunity to walk the campus, speak to staff and current students, and decide if the overall area is right for you. I would definitely recommend booking open days for all your top 5 university choices, it’s the best way to establish which university has the right course, accommodation and facilities to suit your needs.

College/Sixth Form Events

Most colleges and sixth forms host university fairs, in which representatives of each university will attend your college and are available to discuss specific courses, accommodation and answer any questions you may have about university. This was how I originally began to choose which universities may be suitable for me. Taking a prospectus from each university you’re interested also helps to get a better idea of the course content and structure of your subject of interest.

Your Course

At the end of the day, the reason you’re paying for this experience is the education you’ll receive, so the course must be right. Looking at the course you’re wanting to do in more depth at each university can help whittle down which courses you will enjoy. Even within the same subject, course structure and topics can vary from uni to uni. Tailor your university years to you, for example, some courses offer advantageous extras such as work placements and studying abroad.

Your Abilities

Let’s face it, most university applicants dream of attending a high rating university, getting their ideal grades and successfully completing education with no faults. Unfortunately, life doesn’t generally work like this. When selecting your universities to submit your application to, consider the grades required for entry. For example, applying to a course with the entry requirements of A* A* A whilst your average grades are BBC is hardly a sensible idea. Don’t push yourself and raise the bar too high to get unachievable grades, apply for something you and your teachers believe you are capable of.

Another valid point to consider is when picking your second choice university, don’t apply for one with the same/high grade requirements as your first choice. The idea of your second choice is for it to be a backup if you don’t receive the required grades for your top choice, so it’s sensible to choose a university you still like, but with requirements of one or two grade boundaries lower. This will take some of the pressure off your shoulders to do exceptionally well, as having an easily achievable back up university place will leave you with a more guaranteed spot! Trust me, it relieves some of the stress.

Thanks for reading!

Yasmin x


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